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Vacuum Toilet and Portable Restroom Manufacturer

We design and manufacture vacuum toilet and portable restroom

About Us


Sichuan Zhongneng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on scientific research, design, production, installation and technical services of “vacuum toilets”. With mature technology and rich design and construction experience, ZNZK has always been at the forefront of research of China’s vacuum toilet system products.

ZNZK has gone on to the largest supplier of vacuum toilet in China. With 500+ installations nationally, ZNZK design engineers and project managers have been involved in a large variety of projects of ……

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Mobile Restroom Customization

★ The appearance and color

★ Can customize 2 to 6 seats vacuum toilet

★ Space layout

★ Ceramic or stainless steel materials

★ Toilet bowl or squat pan


Our mobile restroom offers super flexibility for projects since it is highly mobile.

When there is no water inflow and no sewage pipe, 2000 to 3000 flush are possible. The customer can also choose the heating and insulation equipment, and the use environment temperature is -50° to 40°.

Will develop a solution that meets your demands!

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ZNZK vacuum toilet greatly performance

Save 12089tons of water annually.
Per time power use only 0.0025W.
Environment suit -40~++50.
Mobile ZNZK vacuum toilet solution
With the feature of the vacuum toilet system, ZNZK launched the mobile vacuum toilet toilet, which is easy to install and economical (widely used in high-speed railways, airplanes, ships, oil fields, power stations, municipalities, scenic spots, high-cold areas, water-scarce and pollution-free areas, etc)
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Project cases

Business areas of products

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  • Why do we need vacuum toilets?
    The conclusion of most of the researches about building’s water and sewage systems around the world, always shown that the toilet is the sanitary fixture that uses more water than any other else in residential and commercial buildings. Buildings were a big number of persons circulates every da...
  • ZNZK vacuum toilet
    The technologies used in “Vacuum Toilets” are from Zhenchuang Technology. “Water saving, odorless, and no gravity discharge” are the three main characteristics of “Vacuum Toilets”. The vacuum drainage technology it uses is a new technology that uses the princip...
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